Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mexican Gelato? A fresh taste of heaven!

Helados Vazquez has the BEST food/dessert on the cheap around- HANDS DOWN!!! I waited with my family for months for the new "ice cream store" in Black Rock to open. We noticed the painstaking renovation of the building, completed to absolute perfection and became even more excited. We wondered what kind of ice cream place would make renovations as beautiful as theirs. Then, the sign came up- Helados Vazquez. Wow, we were excited, a Latino business purporting to sell the traditionally Italian gelato. Hmm, we would really have to try this place. Our curiosity was at its pique. Upon opening, we arrived to discover a brilliant Mexican oasis with the most incredible FRESH, true to taste gelato I've ever had--- I have lived in Rome, this is the first gelato in the States that comes close in taste... Plus, an even better surprise-- the FOOD! WOW! Mouth-watering traditional, fresh, Mexican cuisine. Every meal I have had (6-7 thus far!) has been unbelievable. I love to eat out but I usually leave feeling a bit guilty, that I should have just cooked at home for the price of the meal. However, at Helados Vazquez-- the price is cheap, but the quality and taste is gourmet. This is my new favorite spot. Anyone else tried it yet? What are your thoughts???

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  1. I agree totally. I work next door and it is consistently great food and the gelato can’t be beat. I can’t decide which is better the food or the gelato.